About Tekton Ministries

Tekton Ministries seeks to work in the spirit of St. Joseph. “Tekton,” or “τεκτον” in Biblical Greek, means worker or craftsman, and is the title given to St. Joseph as his profession. St. Joseph, our patron and namesake; the silent, hard-working step father who spent his life close to Jesus and Mary, gives us an example which we seek to emulate in the way we live and the way we do ministry.


To make a meaningful contribution to the Church by cultivating and increasing discipleship.


To lead people to Christ.

Core Values

Formation and Evangelization for the Sanctification of All People.

Imagine how a rich pilgrimage experience
has the power to transform hearts and minds

When you make a pilgrimage with Tekton Ministries, we are with you every step of the journey. Richard and Josh will work with you to make the pilgrimage exactly how you request, sharing their knowledge and experience of sacred sites around the world. Our ministry team becomes almost like family to pilgrims. At the office, Barbara and Andrea get to know pilgrims by name as they call in with questions or concerns. From the initial idea and every detail, we take a faith-based approach to all aspects of a pilgrimage as partners on your journey.