Why is it so hard to find Catholic priests to lead pilgrimages?

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Assisi pilgrimage

Catholic priests in the United States lead pilgrimages to holy sites throughout the world.  Popular pilgrimage destinations include the Holy Land, Rome and Assisi, Fatima and Lourdes, Ireland, and Greece and Turkey.  These pilgrimages are an opportunity for the priest and his fellow pilgrims to experience their faith in a less familiar place where the ordinary demands of daily life are not … Read More

Meet 10 of the world’s most amazing priests

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As priests begin new parish assignments in the month of July, here is a look back to 10 of the world’s most amazing priests in 2012. Fr. Andrew Apostoli Fr Andrew Apostoli was a leader in the founding of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, a strict order that lives the austere Franciscan life to the letter. They seek to … Read More

“You’re too pretty to be a nun!”

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When I tell people I’m going to be a nun, they are shocked. Their eyebrows shoot up, their jaws drop, their beers spill onto the bar. “You’re too normal to be a nun,” they say. “You’re too smart.” “You’re too pretty!” This last one took me by the greatest surprise — as if acne or a big nose is a … Read More