Parish Communications

Graphic Design & Branding

Professional graphic design is about more than professionally-made and high-quality images. It’s about your church telling its story and inviting others to share in that journey.

A clear and beautiful logo can create a connection between the parish and someone viewing your website before they even step foot in the church. A logo must speak to the mission and identity of your parish. It must convey the beauty, goodness, and truth of the message that it represents.

Samples of our work

Parish Database

Our software and services help parishes be better organized, grow parishioner engagement, and save time.  Handling the administrative duties of a parish office as efficiently as possible isn’t just about growing the parish, it’s about good stewardship of the offerings from your congregation.

Utilizing webforms and automated communications, our database systems allows your website to communicate directly with your database, help parish staff to manage information in ways traditional parish databases are unable to, and automate email communications in ways other communications platforms are unable to.

Social Media Integration

There are nearly 2 billion people on Facebook, 500 million on Instagram, and 400 million on Twitter. Those are so many souls that need to be reached! Tekton can help your parish be a presence of goodness, invitation, and inspiration for a culture full of seekers. Pope Francis said “…emails, text messages, social networks and chats [can be] fully human forms of communication. It is not technology which determines if communication is authentic, but rather, the human heart and our capacity to use wisely the means at our disposal.” Let your social media be a tool to transform the human heart!

As part of our Digital Evangelization ministry, we can create or adapt your social media accounts to work together in coordination with your website to be an active and dynamic evangelization tool for your parish.