Tips and tools to help parishioners
discover the joy of generosity

Active parishes work collectively to bring others to Christ and meet their pastoral mission. But in an age of online shopping, internet banking, and crowdsourcing, stewardship and parish finances have never been more challenging to administer. We provide tools to help pastors joyfully call for the gifts and participation of the parish community to motivate, enable, and affirm them in their efforts.

Religious Giving Has
Declined Nationwide

Charitable giving remained steady last year, but church giving declined. Most non-profits allow donors to give on their own terms…and receive instant thanks and affirmation. (Does your parish do this?)

Digital Givers Gift 33% More
Than Non-Digital Givers

And guess what? They also give more frequently (even when they’re out of town) and continue their gifts for a longer duration. Digital giving and follow-up are the best ways to make a first-time giver a recurring giver.

20% of Millennials Have
Never Written a Check

Most young adults pay their bills and each other from their laptops and smartphones. They don’t carry cash or checkbooks, which causes one to wonder…what are they doing with those envelopes?
Churches that see the highest growth in stewardship are those that nurture their flock and keep them informed about what the parish is doing, provide multiple platforms for giving, and let parishioners know how their contributions are making a difference. In a nutshell, effective stewardship requires effective communications.


Digital Giving

In an age of online shopping and banking, there is a huge disconnect between how people give to their parish vs. other nonprofits. While many parishes offer ACH or some form of online giving, most charities offer better giving methods.

Capital Campaigns
and Fundraising

Capital campaigns are exciting, visible ways to engage parishioners in the life and future of the parish. From preparation to celebration, we create custom programs to raise the funds and commitment needed to sustain a thriving parish.

Increased Offertory

Increased Offertory Programs help pastors increase their weekly collections by encouraging parishioners to view their finances as gifts from God, better understand the budgetary needs of their church, and experience the joy of giving.
Even St. Benjamin Didn't Want to Talk About the Benjamins
St. Benjamin lived a peaceful life in Persia until the local Christian bishop destroyed Persia’s great temple. The king threatened to destroy every Christian church in the region unless the bishop rebuilt the temple. The bishop refused (most likely because he dreaded the thought of a capital campaign*). Every church in Persia was demolished. The bishop was put to death, and Christians were subject to cruel torture, most especially St. Benjamin, an imprisoned Deacon persecuted for the Faith. He was released on the condition that he would never speak about religion. But even without a church, Benjamin kept on preaching. When the king heard this, he had reeds thrust between the nails and flesh of Benjamin’s hands and feet. Afterwards, a knotted stake was inserted into his bowels. Despite what you’ve heard, capital and offertory campaigns are not tortuous, painful processes. Conversely, they work wonders to help revive and strengthen parishes. And keep you preaching. *While this is a true story, the writers of Thriving Parish may have interjected their personal opinions in the sharing of this historic account.