Serenity and blessedness are fruits of recovery and the Beatitudes – Tomorrow’s reading reflection


“Rejoice and leap for joy on that day!”

Recovery programs show us that those who are facing troubles that they cannot hide have much to teach the rest of the world.  Indeed, blest are those who, as Jesus teaches us in Luke, fulfill the Beatitudes.  And blest also are those who, through the Beatitudes,  know in their bones that they cannot make it on their own. Blest are those who know they are in trouble and seek help.  Blest are those who trust that help will come.  Blest are those who do not seek vengeance or nurse hatred.  Blest are those who give people another chance.  Blest are those who trust that God is for real.  May these serve as modern translations to the wisdom Jesus imparts from the sermon on the mount when he taught us what leads to serenity, happiness and blessedness.
(Adapted from Jeanne Schuler)