Miracle of creation – Tomorrow’s reading reflection


The reading and gospel are interesting history if one wants to know more about the Samson’s parents or John the Baptist’s parents. Here were two couples who were without children and now well past the time to conceive but they continued to have unrelenting faith. That these two couples never lost faith in spite of their hardship is worthy of reflection, but is there another deeper meaning embedded in these readings that is worthy of our consideration?

Mindful that we are in the Advent season and just one week away from the most beautiful birth of all, that of Christ Jesus, the reading and the gospel reinforce how truly precious the creation of life is and the joy that comes to parents when they are first made aware that they are with child. And then, is there anything greater for the couple than the birth of their child and to experience the miracle of creation? Thus as we head into these last 7 days before Christmas let us keep our focus not only on the power of prayer but on the miracle of creation.

(Adapted from Steve Scholer)