Jesus at arm’s length – Tomorrow’s reading reflection


Sometimes, confusion and curiosity are moments of great importance for us. In this case, Herod becomes both curious and threatened. Sometimes, that’s what happens to us. We hear about Jesus, and we hear about various things he says and does, and we are very curious. At times, we are also confused and threatened. The closer Jesus comes to us, to our hearts, the more likely it will be that we will be vulnerable to putting up some defenses. The questions come up, “What will this cost me? What will I have to change?” Sometimes it is easy to deflect the whole encounter with a simple defense, like, “Oh, I’m doing a lot already. I pray every day. I …”

Sometimes, we have this paradoxical attraction to Jesus and, at the same time, an arms length relationship with him.  This brief encounter with Herod’s curiosity with Jesus can be a powerful invitation to us all to open our hearts to a deeper relationship with Jesus, right where we are, right in the midst of discovering our defenses, our fears, and our distrust.
(Adapted from Andy Alexander, S.J.)