It makes a difference where you place your trust – Tomorrow’s reading reflection


In the first reading we hear of a father’s love for his son. In the gospel reading we see a father who loves his daughter. Both children are in dire need of help. Both fathers reach out to men who they believe can help, men they trust. The first man’s hopes are dashed. The second man celebrates.

David trusted Joab and he failed David in one of the most important episodes of his life. Jairus trusted Jesus and saw Death flee from the presence of He who is Life. The heading for Psalm 86 is “A prayer of David.” We do not know when in his life he prayed this prayer. We only know that, by now, he knows what Jairus knew. He knew that it makes a difference where you place your trust. He declares: You are my God. I trust in you.
(Adapted from George Butterfield)