Guardian angels stop Texas shooting? – Tomorrow’s reading reflection


“their angels in heaven”

Trusting in God’s care–what we call divine Providence–is a basic part of our faith. Whether we think of this care as mediated by guardian angels or saints, or as the direct action of God, it is still a matter of trusting in divine Providence. We all have stories about experiencing rescue from “close calls” in ways that speak much more of a divine care than of good luck. For many of us, the Christian tradition of a personal guardian angel is easier to think about than a special intervention of the Holy Trinity.

To honor divine Providence in the form of the guardian angel tradition, the Church has chosen the one passage in the Gospels where Jesus refers to the personal care of angels, today’s reading from the fourth speech of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. What I notice, this time around, is that Jesus’ words in this passage do not so much teach about guardian angels as presume their existence as he makes another point: the importance of imitating the heavenly Father’s care for “the little ones.”
(Adapted from Dennis Hamm, S.J.)

Here’s a recent video of what might have just been God’s guardian angels for us at work in a story of a gunmen attempting multiple times to discharge his weapon, unsuccessfully, inside a Texas McDonald’s.