Forget about becoming St. Anthony – Tomorrow’s reading reflection


Anthony died when he was one hundred and five years old. A life of solitude, fasting, and manual labor in the service of God had left him a healthy, vigorous man until very late in life. And he never stopped challenging himself to go one step beyond in his faith.

Saint Athanasius, who knew Anthony and wrote his biography, said, “Anthony was not known for his writings nor for his worldly wisdom, nor for any art, but simply for his reverence toward God.” We may wonder nowadays at what we can learn from someone who lived in the desert, wore skins, ate bread, and slept on the ground. We may wonder how we can become him. We can become Anthony by living his life of radical faith and complete commitment to God. (Taken in part from Terry Matz,

That’s if we want to become Anthony.  Some want to become St. Anthony.  Some, St. John Vianney. Others, St. Catherine.  The reality is there is only one for whom we should model our behavior, Jesus Christ. The saints are witnesses, models- not the original.  

Forget about becoming St. Anthony.  Best to become you- as God intended- by imitating Jesus Christ who gives you the grace not to be St. Anthony, but to be YOU.