Custom-fit Pilgrimages from Blessed John XXIII to St. Faustina


It’s no secret that priests of different generations might not be of the same mind on all issues ecclessial.  That’s true of their particular interests and devotions as well.  Recently Tekton began brainstorming ideas of pilgrimages that can serve priests of different generations.  Some priests may be interested in visiting the tomb of Blessed John XXIII in Rome or the resting place of Dorthy Day or Catherine Douherty closer to home.  Other priests may want to see women of the past such as St. Therese of Liseaux or St. Faustina.  Saints like Maximilian Kolbe and John Vianney inspire some while they may not be as inspirational to others.  

Do you have some favorite saints?  Do you have any ideas about stringing together a few sites that are relatively close together to form a pilgrimage tailored to you and your spiritual interests?  Let us know.  We’re like a bunch of tailors sitting around waiting to customize your pilgrimage to you.  (Well, not really just sitting around.  But we’re serious about tailoring a pilgrimage to fit your spiritual likes.)  So seriously, send us an email or respond on this blog.  Where do you want to go and when?